In destistry, microscope enhance precision which not only enhances the quality of the dentist's work, but also helps ensure long-term dental health of the patient. For dentist, some of the primary goals include microinvasive surgeries, minimizing rizks and to reduce the overall healing time. 

In practice dental specialist are finding using microscope most useful for:

  • Locating hidden canals that have been obstructed by calcification
  • Removing materials such as old solid filling material
  • Removing canal obstructions
  • Preparing for acces to avoid unnecessary destruction of tissue
  • Repairing perforations
  • Locating cracks and fractures that are invisible to the naked eye
  • Facilitating all aspecs of endodontic surgery
  • photographic uses and enhances photographic documentation

Here are some Dino-Lite Microscopes recommended for dental use:


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