The AM5216TF advanced microscope boasts an Extra-long Working Distance (ELWD) feature and a magnification range of 10x~70x, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. The ELWD lens is particularly impressive, offering incredible detail even when working at a distance of 108mm. This makes it perfect for tasks that require space between the microscope and the object being viewed. The AM5216TF also features improved optics and a high-definition VGA connection, delivering crystal-clear, sharp images at 60 frames per second and a resolution of 720p. And with an easy-to-use design and the ability to connect directly to a monitor or TV with VGA connections, the AM5216TF is the perfect choice for anyone in need of precision imaging.

Unlock Your Observation Potential with the Dino-Lite AM5216TF

Discover the perfect solution for your microscopy needs with the Dino-Lite AM5216TF. Designed with an extra-long working distance, superior optics reveal the finest details easily. The AM5216TF offers unmatched detail and flexibility, enhance your observation capabilities with the Dino-Lite AM5216TF.

Digital Microscope AM5216TF Dino-Lite Edge

8 White LEDs


D-SUB Interface

Ease to use the Dino-Lite on any VGA monitor with D-SUB (15-pin) interface. This is suitable for applications such as inspections, presentations, and training.

Extra-Long Working Distance (ELWD)

The Extra-Long Working Distance feature is specially designed to provide enough space for assembly inspection, machine, or other applications require long distances.

MicroTouch Shutter Button

Effortlessly freeze or unfreeze images with a simple tap and control LED lighting with a longer tap.

Interchangeable Front Caps

The interchangeable front caps are designed to be used with Dino-Lite Edge and EdgePLUS series models. The caps provide additional versatility to Dino-Lite digital microscope applications.

N3C-C / Close Cap

This cap protects the lens and LED lights from dust, debris, or moisture.

N3C-E / Extended Open Cap (12.5mm length)

This 12.5mm cap eases finding and holding a fixed focus when using the Dino-Lite in handheld mode. This cap is compatible with standard and wide-field-of-view models.

N3C-O / Open Cap (9.5mm length)

This 9.5mm cap eases finding and holding a fixed focus when using the Dino-Lite in handheld mode.


Model AM5216TF Dino-Lite Edge
Interface D-SUB 
Product Resolution 720p
Magnification Rate 10x~70x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate Up to 60fps
Lighting 8 White LEDs
Microtouch  Yes
Polarizer Yes
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
Unit Weight 105g

Information About Working Distance and Field of View

M WD FOV (x) FOV (y) DOF
10 503 39.1 31.3 31.49
20 271 19.5 15.6 8.67
30 196 13.0 10.4 4.20
40 159 9.8 7.8 2.56
50 135 7.8 6.3 1.76
60 120 6.5 5.2 1.31
70 108 5.6 4.5 1.03

M = magnification rate      WD = working distance (without front cap)      FOV = field of view      DOF= depth of field      Unit = mm

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