The Dino-Lite RK-06F stand is a mid-range stand option that offers a range of useful features for users of Dino-Lite digital microscopes. With sturdy construction, precise fine-focus adjustment, and quick vertical release function make it an excellent choice for applications that require accuracy, stability, and ease of use.

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Fine-Focus Adjustment Made Easy with the RK-06F Stand

 The RK-06F stand is the ultimate tool for precision microscopy. With a precise fine-focus adjustment, you can make even the slightest adjustments to your microscope’s focus with ease. The RK-06F stand also features a quick vertical release function, making it easy to switch between samples without the hassle of manually adjusting the focus each time.



Quick-Release Button

The quick-release button allows the user for fast and convenient vertical movements.

Fine-Focus Adjustment

This feature is especially useful at high magnification, enabling you to achieve the perfect focus every time.


Model RK-06F
Compatible with All Dino-Lite Models
Unit Dimension 22 cm (L) x 15 cm (W) x 27 cm (H)
Unit Weight 1045g (2.3lb)

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