The Dino-Lite Basic AM2111 is an entry-level Dino-Lite USB microscope with uncompromising product quality. The microscope is equipped with VGA resolution imaging (640×480), LED illumination, tough composite housing, and a variable magnification of 10x~70x and 200x.

In addition, this series of microscopes offers video frame rates of up to 30 fps and the ability to save files in BMP, JPG, and AVI formats. Professional-quality imaging results can be viewed on any computer via high-speed USB 2.0 output through the DinoCapture (for PC) or DinoXcope (for MAC) software. The Dino-Lite AM2111 Basic is an excellent choice for hobbyists, schools, kids, or anyone starting out to use USB digital microscopes.

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The Dino-Lite Basic is an easy to use Digital Microscope

Simply connect to a computer with USB 2.0 and share what you observe under the microscope on a monitor or delivery through digital media, friendly to use by beginners in microscopy.

dino-lite am2111


Magnification Range

The Dino-Lite Basic AM2111 digital microscope offers a wide range of magnification capabilities. With variable magnification up to 200x, this microscope is ideal for various applications that require detailed observation and analysis of objects. One of the most significant advantages of this device is its ability to magnify images without changing its lens, making it convenient and efficient to use.

Easy to Use

Simply connect to a computer with USB 2.0 to share what you observe under the microscope easily. You can share it directly on a monitor or through other media.


Model AM2111 Dino-Lite Basic
Interface USB 2.0
Product Resolution 640×480 pixels (VGA)
Magnification Rate 20x~50x, 200x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate Up to 30fps
Save Format Image:
DinoXcope: PNG, JPEGMovie:
DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV, SWF
DinoXcope: MOV
Lighting 4 white LED lights for illumination
Operating System Supported Windows XP/7/8/10/11
macOS 10.14 or later
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
Unit Weight 100g

Information About Working Distance and Field of View

M WD FOV (x) FOV (y) DOF
20 51.7 21 15.7 8.02
30 24.1 14 10.5
40 11 10.5 7.9
50 3.8 8.4 6.3 1.95
60 -0.6 7 5.2
200 -0.4 2.1 1.6 1.46
210 0.6 2 1.5
220 1.7 1.9 1.4
230 2.8 1.8 1.4

M = magnification rate      WD = working distance      FOV = field of view      DOF= depth of field      Unit = mm

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