The compact XY stage with an attachable 360° turntable is a highly innovative and versatile tool designed to provide precise adjustment under Dino-Lite microscopes. With a multifunctional design, this tool offers exceptional flexibility and ease of use. The included rotating table, which connects directly to the top plate of the X/Y stage, allows for a simple rotation of the viewing subject. This added feature makes it easy to examine specimens from all angles, providing a more comprehensive view of the subject under inspection. The precision machine-crafted components of the X/Y fine adjustment and rotational base offer smooth movements and adjustments in positions, making it easy to achieve the desired level of precision. One of the key advantages of this stage is its compact size, which takes up minimal space on the desk. Measuring only 13.7cm x 8.2cm that can be easily integrated into any workspace.

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Enhance Your Microscope Precision with the Compact XY Stage and Attachable 360° Turntable

The compact XY stage with an attachable 360° turntable is a tool that is sure to make your work more efficient and enjoyable. With its precise adjustments and exceptional flexibility, it is an essential tool for anyone working with Dino-Lite microscopes. Get ready to experience precision and ease of use like never before.



Model MS-15X-S1 Multi-Purpose Adapter
Compatible With All Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes
Rotating Base 5cm Diameter
360-Degree Rotation
Specimen Plate 11.6cm (L) x 7.3cm (W) x 2.4cm (H)
6cm x 6cm X&Y movement
Vernier scale
Unit Dimension 15.2cm (L) x 12.8cm (W) x 8.4cm (H)
Unit Weight 646g

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