The N3C-R is a highly effective and passive ring light solution that can be used with the Dino-Lite AM4115/4515/4815/7115/7515/7915 USB models. With a diameter of 6.5 cm (2.5 inches), the N3C-R cap is a simple yet powerful tool that provides ring illumination for digital microscopes. This device uses the built-in LEDs of the Dino-Lite by redirecting them to create a focused, diffused, and uniform illumination of the object, which helps to reveal more details and eliminate shadows. Even on polarized models like the AM4115ZT, AM4515ZT, AM4815ZT, AM7115MZT, AM7515MZT, and AM7915MZT. The N3C-R can still be used in conjunction with the polarizer to reduce unwanted glare or reflection.

One of the standout advantages of the N3C-R is that it does not require an external ring light to be powered, which means no additional heat is produced, and no extra weight is added. This makes it an economical and highly flexible ring light solution for the Dino-Lite. The N3C-R works best at a working distance between 2-15 cm and is not suitable for usage at a shorter working distance. Moreover, it is not compatible with high-magnification models like AM4115TF/AM7115MTF/AM73115MTF/AM5216TF/AM5218MZTF.

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Experience Unmatched Clarity and Detail with N3C-R Shadow-less Illumination for Dino-Lite USB Microscopes

With the ability to generate shadow-less illumination and provide focused, diffused, and uniform illumination of objects, the N3C-R is the ultimate tool for revealing even the tiniest details in digital microscope images. By using the built-in LEDs of the Dino-Lite and redirecting them to create optimal lighting.

N3C-R Ring Light Cap


Model N3C-R Ring Light Cap
Compatible With Dino-Lite Edge Models, Excluding High Magnification and Extra Long Working Distance Models.
Materials Polycarbonate with Aluminum Coated
Unit Dimension 15.5 mm (H) x 65 mm (D)
Unit Weight 8g

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