The RK-10-PX2 is designed to work with the RK-10, RK-06, or any other setup that features a 10 mm rod. One of the key benefits of the RK-10-PX2 is its ability to provide accurate and smooth adjustment options. The arm is designed to move seamlessly in the X and Y directions, making it ideal for applications that require precise positioning. The arm’s smooth operation ensures that users can achieve accurate results quickly and easily. Constructed with resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, the RK-10-PX2 is a durable tool for all sorts of applications that require examination, such as microscopes, quality control, and research applications.

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Discover the Versatility and Durability of the RK-10-PX2 Positioning Arm for Accurate X- and Y-Axis Movement

The RK-10-PX2 positioning arm is an exceptional tool that offers accurate and smooth movement for precise positioning. With durable construction and versatility make it a valuable addition to any workspace that requires examination of the X- and Y-axis movement.



Optional XY Positioning Arm

Designed to provide accurate and smooth movement for precise positioning. This arm is a valuable addition to the high-precision RK-10A stand, offering X- and Y-axis movement for examination in a wide range of applications.


Model RK-10-PX2 XY Positioning Arm (RK-10 and RK-06 optional arm)
Travel Range 2.3 x 2.5 cm
Unit Dimension 20 cm (L) x 6 cm (W) x 4.2 cm (H)
Unit Weight 150g (5.29 oz)

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