The Dino-Lite backlight stage BL-CDW is an accessory for Dino-Lite digital handheld microscopes and provides two different types of lighting: brightfield and darkfield, each with unique benefits. Both types of illumination offer high contrast and clear images, making it easier to observe and analyze your specimens. The BL-CDW is suggested to be used with Dino-Lite at a magnification higher than 100x.

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Discover a New Dimension of Microscope with the Backlight Stage BL-CDW: High Contrast and Clear Images

Both types of lighting allow for high contrast and clear images, adding a whole new dimension to the Dino-Lite digital handheld microscopes with magnifications over 100x. The backlight stage BL-CDW is a versatile accessory that can help researchers and hobbyists to see specimens in a new and informative way.



Brightfield Mode

In Brightfield Mode, light is transmitted from below the specimen, illuminating it and showing its form and structure on a bright background. This type of lighting is suitable for prepared specimens and allows for high contrast and clear images.

Darkfield Mode

In Darkfield Mode, the transmitted light is blocked and does not reach the microscope, resulting in bright objects against an almost black background. This lighting is not only useful for prepared specimens but also for live specimens, including flagellum, pseudopod movement, spirochete, etc.


Model BL-CDW Backlight Illuminator
Compatible With All Dino-Lite Models, except Long Working Distance Models
Unit Dimension 51 mm (H) x 54.3 mm (Dia)
Package Dimension 16 cm (L) x 16 cm (W) x 6 cm (H)
Unit Weight 178g (0.4lb, 6.27oz)

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