The WF-10 Wi-Fi Streamer is a device that enables users to connect Dino-Lite USB models to an iOS or Android app wirelessly. This feature makes it an ideal tool for people who work in the field or make presentations, as it allows the user to use the Dino-Lite with a tablet, smartphone, or computer without the need for any wires. One of the key benefits of the WF-10 is enabled users to stream live images from a single Dino-Lite to multiple devices. The WF-10 is designed to be portable and easy to use and comes with a replaceable battery, which means that users can take it with them anywhere and use it to create a Wi-Fi signal for streaming the Dino-Lite live images.

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Experience Unmatched Flexibility and Mobility with WF-10 Wi-Fi Streamer

Experience the ultimate flexibility in the microscope with the WF-10 Wi-Fi Streamer, this device can be used wirelessly with your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or Windows computer using the DinoCapture software. With a replaceable battery and the ability to create a Wi-Fi signal for live image streaming, you can take your microscope on the go and capture high-quality images from anywhere.



Stable and Reliable Transmission

With the WF-10, live images are streamed as fluently as if they were being transmitted via a wired connection.

Camera Settings

To enhance the picturing experience, users can control Dino-Lite from their mobile devices. The mobile app provides access to several controllable items including LED, exposure, resolution, and MicroTouch.

Stationary Use

Connect to the power adapter for stationary configuration, and the battery will be charged simultaneously.


The combination of support for multiple devices and the ability to use changeable SSIDs creates a more flexible and user-friendly experience for users, while also improving the overall efficiency of group work.

Adaptable Design

Boost mobility with WF-10,  lightweight, small form factor, and exchangeable battery design make the WF-10 ideal to be used in the field together with mobile devices.

Compatible Models

Dino-Lite Basic ​AM2111
Dino-Lite Premier
  • AM3111
  • AM3113T
  • AD4013/4113
  • AM4013/4113
  • AD7013
  • AM7013
  • AF3111HT/AF3113T
  • AF4113-EUT
Dino-Lite Edge
  • AM4115/4515/4815
  • AF4115/4515/4915
  • AM7115/7515/7915
Dino-Eye Premier
  • AM4023
  • AM7023
Dino-Eye Edge
  • AM4025X
  • AM7025X


Frequency 2.4G Hz bandwidth
Operation Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Operating System Supported Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11, iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.0 or later
Unit Dimension 120mm (L) x 55.5mm (W) x 16mm (H)
Package Dimension 16cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 6cm (H)
Unit Weight 74g (without battery)
114g (with battery)

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