The Dino-Lite HDE-01 handle is an accessory designed to provide users with a more comfortable grip when using a Dino-Lite microscope. The handle is made of lightweight aluminum, which makes it easy to hold, while still being sturdy enough to provide a stable platform for the microscope. The HDE-01 handle is particularly useful for the Dino-Lite EarScope, it can also be used for other Dino-Lite models, especially in situations where a vertical grip is more practical.

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Enhance Your Microscope Experience with the Dino-Lite HDE-01 Handle: A Lightweight and Durable Usage

The Dino-Lite HDE-01 handle is an excellent addition to any Dino-Lite microscope setup. With lightweight design makes it easy to use, while its sturdy aluminum construction ensures long-lasting durability to enhance your microscope experience.



Model HDE-01
Compatible With All Dino-Lite Models
Unit Dimension Pole: 16.5cm (H) x 8.09cm (L) x 3.6cm (W)
Rest Plat: 6.5cm (D) x 0.5cm (H)
Unit Weight 180g (with rest plat included)

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