The BL-ZW2 backlight is an incredibly powerful imaging tool designed to offer imaging capabilities. With its adjustable and removable polarizer, the BL-ZW2 can provide parallel to cross-polarization and transmit plain light by simply removing the polarizer. This unique design allows for a wide range of imaging options, making it a popular choice in industries. One of the most fascinating capabilities of the BL-ZW2 backlight is its ability to image birefringent properties. This allows the device to distinguish anisotropic from isotropic materials, which is particularly useful in petrography, biology, and other industries. By detecting defects and examining internal stresses in these materials, the BL-ZW2 can help researchers and professionals with materials and how they can be used in different applications.

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BL-ZW2 Backlight: A Versatile Imaging Tool with Unique Capabilities for Material Analysis and Defect Detection

Unique imaging capabilities make the BL-ZW2 a popular choice in industries, ability to detect defects and stresses makes it an essential tool for researchers and professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of the materials they work.



Adjustable Polarizer

Changing the polarizer orientation of BL-ZW2 allows parallel and cross-polarization configurations when using a Dino-Lite polarizing microscope.

Removable Polarizer

Removing the polarizer for applications requiring plain light, to get the visibility of the sample and improve the overall image quality.


Model BL-ZW2 Dino-Lite Backlight Pad
Compatible With All Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes
Polarizer Yes (Removable)
Unit Dimension 10 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)
Unit Weight 315g

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