The Dino-Lite AM5212TL is the perfect solution for those seeking high-quality imaging and versatility in their microscope. With a long working distance feature, you can enjoy higher magnification and a larger depth of field, providing greater clearance between the microscope and the viewing object. The microscope features upgraded optics and high-resolution 960H, allowing you to capture clear and detailed images. With a magnifying range of 10x to 140x and interchangeable front caps, you can customize the microscope to suit your needs. The AM5212TL is easy to use, simply connect to a conventional TV using the supplied composite video cable.

Experience Exceptional Imaging with the Convenient Dino-Lite AM5212TL Microscope

Discover the ease and convenience of the Dino-Lite AM5212TL microscope. With a long working distance feature, experience exceptional imaging with higher magnification and a larger depth of field that provides crystal clear and detailed images. Simply connect to a  TV using the supplied composite video cable for an effortless and seamless experience.

Digital Microscope AM5212TL Dino-Lite Edge


TV Connectivity

Simply connects to a television via composite video for either NTSC or PAL standards with 640×480 resolution.

Long Working Distance

The Long Working Distance feature provides more working space between the object and the microscope, ideal for applications such as repair or assembly.

Microtouch Shutter Button

With just a simple tap of a finger, the MicroTouch button can be used to switch on or off the LEDs, providing an easy way to control lighting in a variety of settings.

Adaptable Cap Design

Provide superior image quality and a high level of flexibility due to the adaptable cap design, also remove the front cap provides greater working distance and access to the full magnification range.

N3C-C / Close Cap

This cap protects the lens and LED lights from dust, debris, or moisture.

N3C-D / Diffuser Cap

This is a translucent cap that partially softens the LED light.

N3C-D2 / Opal Diffuser Cap

This cap softens and evenly distributes the LED light.

N3C-E / Extended Open Cap (12.5mm length)

This 12.5mm cap eases finding and holding a fixed focus when using the Dino-Lite in handheld mode. This cap is compatible with standard and wide-field-of-view models.

N3C-L / Long Cap (30mm length)

This cap assists users to find focus quickly at low magnification when it touches the surface.

N3C-O / Open Cap (9.5mm length)

This 9.5mm cap eases finding and holding a fixed focus when using the Dino-Lite in handheld mode.

N3C-S / Sidelight Cap

Use the sidelight cap to light from the side for highlighting the texture and depth of targets at short working distances.


Model AM5212TL Dino-Lite Edge
Interface TV (NTSC/PAL)
Product Resolution 960H
Magnification Rate 10x~140x
Tap to turn On/Off LEDs
Lighting 8 White LEDs
Unit Dimension 10.5cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)
Package Dimension 16cm (L) x 16cm (w) x 6cm (H)
Unit Weight 100g

Information About Working Distance and Field of View

M WD FOV (x)
20 159 34
50 48.5 11
100 31 5
150 32 3.1

M = magnification rate      WD = working distance (without front cap)      FOV = field of view      DOF= depth of field      Unit = mm

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